Blue Moon "28mm"
Preiser offers well sculpted figures in 1/50 scale that can be altered to 1/55. The little unpainted figure in the pictures is a shortened 1/50. The Preiser figures tend to be "leggy" so the alteration isn't that difficult.
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Fun and Games has the old "Scale48" Magnuson Loggers. They are six feet in Scale55 and lanky in proportion so they look great.
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Objects aren't  "N, HO...S, O, etc. SCALE". An object is what it measures.

That is the idea behind 55n3, we are taking models from other scales and converting them to 55n3. No one makes 55n3, Bachmann makes models that can be used in 55n3 because they match plans in Scale55. That is why we have a scale rule. Measure a model, if it is the right size for Scale55 it is Scale55. The Bachmann On30 equipment is small O scale narrow gauge, but put a Scale55 ruler on the equipment and it becomes 55n3. Now it is realistic three foot equipment.
Tamiya has 1/48 WWII figure sets. The figures are long legged with short torsos and can be converted. There are also separate arms.
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Wargames Factory offers "Zombies". They can be brought back to "life" with very little work. The set has   separate heads and arms and a torso with a "Duster".
Work in progress conversion of a "Zombie" to "Engineer Bill"
Blue Moon Manufacturing has civilians. These are from their Wild West group. They also have a 1920's set and a Victorian set.
MTH  makes this set of figures (MTH 30-11043). There are 10 poses. 10 each of the standing figures. The seated figures fit the Bachmann On30 seats perfectly. Available from $23-$30 The standing figure is 5'-6"

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Preiser 1/50th
Tamiaya 1/48 Military
MTH "Tinplate" Figures
Magnuson 1/48 Loggers
WarGames Factory "28mm" Zombies
Knuckleduster Wild West
Knuckleduster offers several sets of 28mm in their Wild West collection. They are approximately 30mm making them about 5'-5" tall they can be easily be made taller if need be.
Used the material from the base to make new "feet" to make the figure taller.

Compared to a Blue Moon and Fun&Games.

Shapeways has a variety of shops that have figures.

Search "1/55", "1/56" and "28mm"

These are from "Panzer VS Tanks" shop, their Merchant seaman collection.

The "Gun Fighters Ball" figures are listed as 32mm and fit in perfectly.

Wargaming figure size is variable.