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Subject: 55n3
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Objects aren't  "N, HO...S, O, etc. SCALE". An object is what it measures.

That is the idea behind 55n3, we are taking models from other scales and converting them to 55n3. No one makes 55n3. That is why we have a scale rule. Measure a model, if it is the right size for Scale55 it is Scale55.

Ten-Wheelers were popular in the "Modern" United States Narrow Gauge Scene. Here are some ideas for converting HO mechanisms to popular narrow gauge 4-6-0's in 55n3.

Rio Grande Southern #20
The HO Mantua Pacific supplies a mechanism with a wheelbase that is only six-scale inches short. ScaleLink has self-quartering 42" drivers.

The Mantua Pacific boiler matches the size and contour of the prototype.

Yardbird trains has a can motor for the conversion.

The IHC HO Mogul has the right wheel base. The drivers are the right size. The front part of the boiler is smaller that RGS #20 but would make a good "freelance" conversion with a boiler extension.
Bachmann's On30 Mogul Tender is close.
Nevada-County-Oregon #10 and 12, Pacific Coast Railway #110
The HO Roundhouse 2-6-0 mechanism matches the driver spacing and size. The HO Mantua Pacific boiler matches the contour of the boiler.
Pittsburgh and Western Baldwin
The HO Roundhouse 2-6-0 mechanism also matches the driver spacing and size. The boiler is right diameter.
Tweetsie Ten-Wheelers
The Bachmann On30 Mogul could be converted to the "Tweetsie" Ten-Wheelers. The driver spacing is close and the back of the boiler is right.
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Mike Miller's On3o Ten-Wheelers
Mike's On30 conversion comes close to the WP&Y #62
Nothing to do with Ten Wheelers but a good idea
The HO Roundhouse Oldtime  2-6-0 mechanism will fit the small inside frame 55n3/On30
4-4-0 with a little grinding.

I hope these ideas help someone. I wish that I had found 55n3 and all these items were available earlier in my life. It would be nice to have more time to build all these projects.