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55 Resources
This page contains locomotive parts suitable for 55n3. It is not a complete listing and will change as more resources are found.
Drivers, Gearboxes and Motors
Objects aren't  "N, HO..S, O , etc. SCALE", an object is what it "MEASURES".
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Scale55 has the largest available quartered drivers in three foot gauge. Locomotives can't be built without drivers.
MotorBogies offers Romford Self-quartering Drivers as well as other drive chain components. Click here to visit.
ScaleLink offers Romford Self-quartering Drivers Click here to visit.
The Alan Gibson Workshop offers a line of drivers that have Steel Tires but need to be quartered.
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BowserTrains offers parts. Get this Reference Manual
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The Mantua/Tyco Ten-Wheeler
The Mantua/Tyco Ten Wheeler is really a 64n3.5 locomotive and not HO. It matches a SP 3 footer in Scale64. They can be found at trains shows.
By utilizing the back two drive slots a small 4-4-0 can be developed. The chassis will except up to 19mm diameter drivers without boiler modifications. Shorten the frame and add a two wheel pilot and a mogul can be developed.
Bowser's HO Pennsy I-10 Decopod Frame matches the wheel spacings for a 2-8-0 and 4-4-0.
Mount Blue Model Company offers this cab for the Bachmann small On30 4-4-0. It is a match for the C-16 2-8-0 drawings cab. They also offer a pilot for the 55n3 Bachmann 4-4-0
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O Scale Parts
Precision Scale Co offers an extensive line of Scale48 parts that can be used in Scale55. There are also Scale64
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Keith Wiseman offers this small Scale55 tender.
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If anyone runs across anything useful in 55n3 please e-mail me and we can add it to the page.
Roundhouse HO Locomotives
Click here to visit our Roundhouse HO locomotives as 55n3 Page
Roundhouse HO locomotives lend themselves to conversion to small mining and logging locos
P-B-L offers brass Scale64 parts, the air compressors are useful for representing earlier units.
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Click here to visit our Ten Wheeler page
HO to 55n3 Ten Wheelers
Shapeways and Other 3d Printers
3d printing has opened up a new world of available resources.
Here is an S Scale cab for the Bachmann Mogul which makes variants of the mogul possible.
I constructed this Sn3.5 cab in 3d and had Shapeways print the cab. The sky is the limit.