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Subject: Scale 55
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Broadway Limited Imports "C-16" matches this  Ferrocarril de la Sabana "late era" 2-8-0 Baldwin Catalog locomotive. Shown with a more appropriate Bachmann On30 Mogul tender.
Images from "Narrow Gauge Pictures From Off The Beaten Path"
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Baldwin's "Export" catalog defines the Post-Mass Extinction era of narrow gauge. The BLI C-16 matches the 10-28 E.
BLI has produced their "C-16" in various guises. The sound quality is suspect and should be replaced with a Soundtraxx. The original tenders are definitely Colorado and can be replaced with either the On30 Mogul Tender or a shell form the Bachmann On30 2-8-0. The tracking can be improved by switching driver pairs to keep the loco on track.
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THREE foot narrow gauge on HO Track

The locomotive requires more work than the Bachmann On30 locomotives. The cast on detail has to be removed and the air pumps replaced. Here with a Bachmann On30 2-8-0 tender shell on the BLI tender chassis.