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Objects aren't  "N, HO...S, O, etc. SCALE". An object is what it measures.

That is the idea behind 55n3, we are taking models from other scales and converting them to 55n3. No one makes 55n3, Bachmann makes models that can be used in 55n3 because they match plans in Scale55. That is why we have a scale rule. Measure a model, if it is the right size for Scale55 it is Scale55. The Bachmann On30 equipment is small O scale narrow gauge, but put a Scale55 ruler on the equipment and it becomes 55n3. Now it is realistic three foot equipment.
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55n3 has the only affordable Ready-to-Run 3 foot gauge 4-4-0
The Bachmann On30 2-8-0 can be converted to a D&RGW K-27 in 55n3. The Bachmann model matches the plans. William D. Hemmeter/Dave Fletcher have done it in Large Scale. Imagine a K-27 for under $200 dollars. YIKES!!!!!
The Bachmann On30 2-8-0 scales out to a Baldwin Catalog 10-28-E.  It matches this NdeM locomotive in dimensions.
 A 2-8-0 can be made using an HO Bowser frame and drivers with very little work. The 2-8-0 merge is a close match to the Southern Pacific/NCNG consolidations. The tender is the right size for a typical "modern" era small 2-8-0.
The Bachmann Mallet matches the standard gauge Caspar Lumber Company #5 "Trojan".
A  Large Scale  conversion, Click here to find out how.
The odd duck Outside Frame 4-4-0 looks better in Scale55.
Banta Model Works has a D&RGW style cab. It just needs the roof rounded.
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Brian Budeit's scratchbuilt HO scale model of East Broad Top 2-6-0 2nd #5, could be built in 55n3 from the Bachmann Mogul just needs 48" drivers, 22mm. An example of a Baldwin Catalog mogul.
Bachmann's On30 Outside Frame Consolidation as 55n3
The Bachmann's On30 Mogul is 55n3
Bachmann's On30 2-6-6-2 Mallet as 55n3
Bachmann's On30 Outside Frame 4-4-0 as 55n3
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The Small Bachmann On30 Inside Frame 4-4-0
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 The Mogul is a mechanical match to the Quincy & Torch Lake #3 & 4 Moguls. Is now available with DCC & Sound.
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